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Welcome to my little corner of the world!

My name is Alexia! I am a chef, creator, leader and teacher. I love to share and help others grow into their true potential. I feel in love with the food industry at a young age.  I enjoyed cooking with my mother and watching the food network. Food network shined a light on an industry that otherwise was unknown to many. We all eat out and yet the chefs are behind the scenes. The Food Network helped showcase the skills and talent involved with creating the amazing dishes we got to try when going out. I sat in wonder and dreaming about how I would do that one day; spread joy and happiness through food! I quickly made up my mind that I wanted to be a chef! I took to learning and watching shows to absorb as much as I could.

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My Story

I am here to dive into food, health and nutrition, leadership and anything in between! I love sharing my experiences, knowledge and points of view on a variety of topics; as well as my continued journey of growing and healing to better help anyone and everyone that I get to come in contact with! I created a space that brings together leaders in the community in a safe and supportive place!

I enjoy my work because while I teach and share; I also get to learn and grow through meeting incredible people and hearing their stories! Whether it’s to help other chefs and business owners create a fun and joyful atmosphere while also bringing empathy in to support their employees and guests. Or women from stay at home moms to boss babes learn how to eat and cook in ways that fit their schedule and to level up their knowledge around all things food!

Around 13 years old, I began being homeschooled. It was my choice as I didn’t like the local school and I thought I knew enough to power through! I taught myself and learned as much as I could. My mom ended up getting hurt at work so I helped her when things got hard. I got my first job at 16 in a restaurant as a hostess/cashier. This was the first step on my path into the restaurant world! I started GED classes in the fall of 2009 and passed all the tests 3 weeks later! I immediately signed up for Spring college classes for my Culinary degree.


I was the youngest in my class and had very little experience in the field. I easily fell in love with my classes and absorbed all the information coming in. Shortly after starting I decided to double major in Culinary and Baking. I had to work while in school to make money for bills. So I chose to graduate with my Culinary Arts degree in May of 2012. I was burnt out from working and schooling all day and night. I took a gap year and worked my way through the ranks developing my skills and gaining experience. In late 2013, I signed up to finish the classes left to complete my Baking degree. In the process, I also received a restaurant management certificate and an entrepreneurship certificate. I graduated in May of 2015 with a Baking degree.


Shortly after graduating I landed my first sous chef position. It was the first time I was only working one job; though the hours were similar to having multiple jobs. I started to learn everything about the company and building. I grew into the Executive Chef role in early 2018; where I dived deeper into leadership training. I fell in love with leadership over management and many of the philosophies behind caring and motivating people. In just 10 years, I went from just getting the basics and understanding of my craft to teaching/coaching a team of cooks to excel in the heat of the fire.


I had always defined myself by my work (a self-diagnosed workaholic). Taking on many jobs or projects and working 50+ hours a week without blinking. It was shake to the system when I got let go. It opened my eyes to how much I was missing: lack of friends, never seeing family and missing the small moments. I dove deep into my inner work to find the true nature of life and wanting to enjoy my moments instead of just floating by letting life happen to me.


Now here I am 2020 throwing us all for a loop! I am choosing my hours and able to be off when I choose. Working my business and blog throughout the day! I am in love with my life! I own my house! I am deeply in love with the man of my dreams and our adorable cats and dogs! We are building our businesses and living our dream life in the process!


I started my journey on inner work, meditation and manifestation in mid-2019. While life is a continuous journey, I am building a life that aligns with my purpose, which brings joy and pleasure to me every day and that is filled with love and gratitude and helping others through sharing my stories and knowledge!


I love to read, to learn, to write, to listen to music, to be in nature, to go on adventures, and to create! My life is so full of love, pleasure and support from my wonderful loving man! I couldn’t have dreamt up a better story!

If you would like to know more about me or my journey, leave me a comment or send me an email! Thank you for joining me!

Until next time with love and positivity,



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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