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Have you heard? Our First Monthly Giveaway!

Hey everyone! In case you missed the video on Instagram or Facebook yesterday, I announced the monthly giveaway. I am super excited to offer this monthly! God put this on my heart to start a monthly giveaway for families in need.

We all want to give our kids the best birthday or graduation. Or celebrate our someone special. Sometimes even though we want to do those things something else comes up whether that's financially or physically, sometimes things just don't line up. We all go through our share of hardships in life and sometimes we just need to be celebrated or celebrate someone else even when we don't have the means to do so.

I would love the opportunity to help you celebrate yourself, your family or your friend! I would love to bring sunshine to someone's day that needs it!


When God placed this on my heart I was listening to a YouTube video and I just needed to hear those words at that moment. They hit home deeply and this flowed out of me. A part of me that hadn't been really opened up in a long time. I had known something was missing for me in my business and in life.

This moment unlocked the key and I am so truly overjoyed to be offering this! I am so grateful to be in a place to be able to give this beautiful gift to someone each month, just makes me feel like this is exactly what I need to be doing.


What is exactly is this giveaway?

How do I enter?

Who will win?

This giveaway is nomination based whether it be for yourself, your friend or your family

Each month from the 1st to 28th, you make your nomination HERE for the month coming up. (June nominations would get dessert in July)

Write me their story. What is it that makes you want to nominate them? Why should I choose this story? AND all stories will be kept PRIVATE! I will only share desserts made and the nominator who won.

On the 29th/30th, I will read through the stories received and using God's guidance let my heart choose who is the winner.


While at this moment I expect to only choose one winner a month, I will be following my heart and God's lead to make the best choices.

We all have hardships at some point in life and I would love to give back a little joy to someone that is going through it at this moment.

So if you know someone that could benefit, please fill out the form HERE

This month's stories will be due in by the 28th so please submit as soon as possible!

I look forward to making someone's day and hearing their story!

With love and light and God's grace

Chef Alexia

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