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Welcome Back - It’s New and Improved

Welcome back to my blog! It has been quite a busy 2 years since starting my blog!

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have saw last week that I have lots of updates! So lets start with business and then life updates!

We are now 6 months into the year and wow so much has already happened!


Most current change is a new website and updating design and efficiency!!

One to make it easier for me to handle and manage. And two, to help streamline it for all of you! I want to make ordering seamless and access to all my pages as easy as possible! Improving functionality and accessibility is a big factor so that as the website grows its still easy to navigate.

It was a big decision to move everything to a new website builder but working with my sister and using her knowledge of where the business is now and where we are expanding to this was the best option to transition now.

Another big shift in my business is that I am removing artificial dyes, seed oils and any processed ingredients as well as incorporating as many organic and/or local ingredients. I am shifting more into a health focused perspective. I have always loved quality over quantity and this is just another step that hits home more now.

Many people are looking for higher quality items as well as the fact more people are becoming sensitive to different additives.

Many parents are working to avoid artificial dyes because of the negative reactions we see in our kids. Wanting to give your kids the same sweet treats as other just with less of the harmful ingredients is a win for me. While the colors may not be electric blue or yellow, they will be safer and more easy for our babies to process.

Seed oils are inflammatory and hard to process and breakdown in our body. Other additives like aluminum in baking powder or highly processed flours and sugars; all are just highly processed and cause issues in our bodies.

We all want sweets without all the added bad elements! That's why, I want to offer updated recipes or alternatives that are just as yummy.

With this also comes the people who have sensitivity or allergies to products that are common use in baking like flour, milk, butter and eggs. First, I want to provide those vegan or gluten free options and if I can't I will definitely recommend brands that I have tried and tested. Second, when I make these products I make sure everything is cleaned and sanitized to prevent any possible cross contamination as well as exclusively baking them on separate days or times to prevent any unintentional mixups.



Just a quick rewind, our beautiful baby girl was born in October of 2021. Which was a life adjustment and so my business fell to the back burner as I had to navigate this new chapter of becoming a mom. Which while challenging, I love more each day! It is honestly something I didn't know I wanted to be. I was a crazy workaholic if you have read my story, I was use to working like 80 hours a week and thats how I felt valued and productive. Stepping into the mom role is similar in I don't get much time off but also was about learning grace for myself and how to slow down.

Fast forward to end of 2022 finding out I was pregnant again and our baby girl would only be 18 months old when her brother would join us was another big change in such a short period.

In March, we welcomed our handsome baby boy! Who was the biggest baby to join our family at almost 10 pounds! He is such a cutie and very much needs to be attached like all the time! HAHA

It has been a beautiful blessing to now have 2 beautiful babes while also being quite challenging to manage them and everything else!

As we welcomed our second baby and having a now toddler it has been clear that we want a bit more space inside and outside for them and our pets.


We are MOVING!

We dont have a set date yet but it is in the very near future! So lots to do getting our current house ready to sell and then a lot to do to get ready to move! As moving is always a process we are wanting to get ahead of as much as possible!

So many beautiful blessings have happened this year already and I can't wait to see what the next 6 months has in store for my business and my family!

With God's grace and love, till next time


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