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Let's Talk - Artificial food dyes & additives

Hey everyone! Are you ready to start diving into the why behind my updates?

I figured we would start with something that more people are becoming familiar with and also because it involves the health of my beautiful babies.

This is a really big switch as so many things contain artificial colors and additives. Even when you make stuff from scratch you have to be aware that quality isn't a standard unless you are actively aware. Lots of things have something we don't realize. Artificial dyes are in so many things besides just food and drinks, they are in medicines, cleaners, laundry soaps and more.

So what is it with food dyes?

Why are they a big issue?

As a parent, you may or may not know about artificial dye side effects and why a lot of families are choosing to eliminate them from their diets. Some parents are removing them to help reduce or eliminate the negative behavioral side effects that happen almost instantly to kids after eating them. Some parents learn about the effects after learning their kids have ADHD or Autism and the doctor informs them or they are doing research on how to help their kids feel better. Avoiding these can be a lot harder in kid's food because the companies want to make the food all colorful and bright, to attract kids to them.

We all want our kids to have fun and vibrant cakes, cupcakes, candy and sprinkles.


We want to avoid the negative side effects that come along with the artificial food dyes.

We want both!

I feel like it's so much easier to avoid changing anything because artificial food dyes are easily accessible for bakers. From the food colorings to the colored dipping chocolates to any cake mixes to sprinkles and ice cream. Yet it is so very important that we make this switch because the behavioral side effects are just the beginning for dyes.


Other additives like aluminum in baking powder, added preservatives in jams, heavy cream, fortified milk, bleached enriched flours, refined sugar. There is so much that we don't need in our foods yet they have become so common that no one questions it. Yet we have more food allergies than ever before, more health issues than ever before, and the hardest time losing weight.

Our foods come from their plants or animals in forms that are most digestible and the more processing and changing we do to them, the harder time our body has figuring out what to do with them.

Whole foods, real ingredients and high quality that is what I want to bring to you. While desserts aren't "healthy"; We can strive to make them better for us through better ingredients that are healthier versions so you feel better when eating them!

I am committed to creating products that are delicious and yummy without using any of these items. Bringing you the highest quality and ingredients possible while also giving you that yummy comfort of an apple pie or the sweetness of buttercream!


Did you know?

Red Dyes

- Causes hyperactivity, migraines, impulsiveness, fidgeting and brain buzzing

- Similar to ADHD

- Effects last 24 to 48 hours

Green Dyes

- Causes Mania, hyperactivity, feeling of euphoria

- Similar to Bi polar disorder

- Effects lasts 12 hours

Blue Dyes

- Causes irritability, moodiness, fatigue

- Effects lasts 24 hours

Yellow Dyes

- Anxiety, aggravation, aggression, defiance, violent outbursts and suicidal thoughts

- Similar to Oppositional Defiant Disorder & Conduct Disorder

- Effects last up to 5 days

While all effects might range per child, the fact that these side effects are well known and these products are still commonly used in so many things. Many other countries have already banned these and use natural food colorings.


I know reading ingredient labels can add extra time at the grocery store on an already tight schedule. I know that slowing down to do this can feel very daunting yet it could be some of the best things you could do for your health and your families.

I am working to lead a more health conscious lifestyle and check labels so frequently that it is now second nature. It becomes easier to go shopping as you learn the best brands and can make these choices easier.

Here's the thing you have to take it one step at a time. Do what is manageable for you right now and then add 1 more thing till it becomes habit and so on.

I want to provide desserts that are free of these ingredients because I know as we all learn more about our food and health that these things will naturally get eliminated and I hope to find those of you that are already on the journey to eliminating these.

Until next time, with God's grace and love

Chef Alexia


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