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Why Exquisite Epicure?

When I was searching for a name for my business, it was hard to find something that I really loved. One, that represented me and my unique view of the world and two was classic, elegant and beautiful and defined everything I wanted to build. I wanted words that were not mainstream and when you hear them you are like hmm what is that. I chose these two words because they explain exactly what I want to build and create in this business and community!

All the wonderful people in our community are both exquisite and epicures in their own ways! Just as we all are unique and one of a kind!


Exquisite – adjective

Definition of exquisite (Entry 1 of 2) 1a: marked by flawless craftsmanship or by beautiful, ingenious, delicate, or elaborate execution an exquisite vase b: marked by nice discrimination, deep sensitivity, or subtle understanding exquisite taste c: ACCOMPLISHED, PERFECTED an exquisite gentleman 2a: pleasing through beauty, fitness, or perfection an exquisite white blossom b: ACUTE, INTENSE exquisite pain c: having uncommon or esoteric appeal 3: carefully selected : CHOICE (Sourced from)

Epicure – noun

Definition of epicure 1: one with sensitive and discriminating tastes especially in food or wine 2archaic : one devoted to sensual pleasure : SYBARITE (Sourced from)

Did You Know? “The word epicure is currently associated with indulging the appetite, but that is a long way from the teachings of the man to whom we owe the word. The ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus taught a philosophy of simple pleasure, friendship, and a secluded life. He believed in the pursuit of pleasure, but pleasure for him equated with tranquility and freedom from pain—not the indulgence of the senses. However, detractors of Epicurus in his own time and later reduced his notions of pleasure to material and sensual gratification. When epicure entered English in the 16th century, the philosophy of Epicurus had been trivialized, and so the word became synonymous with “hedonist.””

We are a community of food lovers brought together to share our experiences! Through cooking and learning new dishes to celebrating when making specialty cakes or trying a new skill! In life, from personal hardships to great achievements! Food plays a huge role in life and affects all areas of our lives! The more we get to know each other, the more I can tailor content to all the different needs that arise!

I am here to encourage you to reach new levels in cooking, nutrition and leadership and to help you reach whatever goals you set!

Connect with others in our group!

Quality is my top priority when it comes to ingredients and content I share! Quality has become a luxury in a lot of ways because we have such a fast paced, instant gratification, disposable world. While 2020 has been a year with all the many things that have happened, I think it definitely brought back the need for quality in all aspects of our lives. It taught a lot of us to slow down and to remember the little things!

Quality creates loyalty because of the experience, product or service they received made them feel taken care of and appreciated! Imagine going into a luxury store like Coach or Michael Kors and when you go in the environment is peaceful, spacious and inviting. The person who helps you is pleasant, helpful and warm. You would feel relaxed and comfortable! You are buying a quality product and receiving quality service and experience which complete the whole picture. Now imagine going into the same stores yet the person is rude and unhelpful and the store is small and cluttered. You would feel uncomfortable and probably not want to spend money there even though you like the product.

We are always creating experiences whether it be in business or with friends and family. In how we show up and act or react in person or online. While it’s not our job to make people understand everything about us, it is compassionate and understanding to be able to hold space for someone else’s experience!

When we talk business or even just learning something new distinguishing yourself from others isn’t about doing 100 things well. It is more about mastering 10 to 20 things! That’s what being exquisite means perfecting and accomplishing something flawlessly. Practice makes perfect! With cooking and baking it is so true! Starting with a few techniques and getting them down, then leveling up helps you create a solid foundation. Using your passion, care and dedication in anything you do with make you an epicure of it!

The pastry shop is always open!

For me, there is great pleasure in cooking something new or creating a new pastry/ dish or trying out a new skill (mostly with cakes)! Finding the simple pleasures is what makes the small moments memorable!

Are an exquisite epicure?

What do you love to do and find great pleasure in?

Do you love perfecting something that challenges you?

If you haven’t please check out ‘Hello World’ for the ways you can work with and connect to me and what my dreams are!

Thank you for supporting me through my website, my social medias and from working with me whether individually, in groups or through the shop! I am so grateful for everyone! If you love what I do and what I share, please share my work!

Until next time with love and positivity,


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