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Hello world!


I hope you are doing well and are ready to get started on your journey to becoming a leader in your job and your life! I truly love helping others find their way and help in anyway I can! I have so much I want to share and I can’t wait to speak with you!

My dream is to bring others together by sharing my passion for food, nutrition and overall well being! I want to share my stories and experiences as a means to help, heal or teach others how to connect to their truest self and learn to embrace themselves and their dreams fully! Also to create a community for connections and experiences that bring more joy and love into life! Connecting to our passions and having the support to feel safe and able to try and explore new things.



For chefs, managers and owners:

  1. To bring together local restaurants and businesses for collaboration

  2. To help local businesses increase their employee engagement and incentives to build moral and cultivate a thriving environment for their team

  3. To teach leadership over management and show the advantages that comes with leading instead of managing

  4. To create a community where we can share what works, what doesn’t, what is successful and what isn’t.

  5. To share our experience, thoughts and ideas to help each other succeed.

For Individuals:

  1. To learn, sharpen and grow the different styles of cooking

  2. To share healthy ways to prepare food and explore the nutritional benefits of all foods

  3. To make connections with others and create experiences to interact with people on all skill levels

  4. To show you how simple and flavorful food can be and to bring joy and fun to cooking every day!

  5. To enhance your party experience through catering to save time and so you can enjoy your guests!



Much like love, everyone needs food and it comes in so many styles, flavors and presentations. It brings people together, it creates experiences and it is the center of our being! It is best when we are in a state of joy and love! We share food memories every day from lunch with ourselves or friends to family gatherings and holidays to special occasions and work meetings. Food impacts us everyday even though most of us don’t realize it. Most of us don’t have the knowledge on how to eat well or even how to cook the basics.

Who remembers the food pyramid?

Do you remember what it explained?

Is it even accurate?

For me, that was how healthy eating was explained to many of us as children. Yet they never really gave us a why that I remember. Very driven by servings and caloric intake. The problem I remember growing up in was they talked about healthy food and teaching us those things yet at school the stuff they served was nowhere near nutritionally dense or even good for us at all.

What is a serving size of vegetables? Of fruit? Meat? Grains?

Because of this diets were created to tell you this or that to eat. Most are severely restrictive and put our bodies into huge caloric deficits. While they may work for a while we either “fall of the wagon” or plateau because our bodies realize what is happening so it adapts! Reality is only you can know what is truly good for you by how it makes your body feel afterwards. We have to tune in more to how a meal makes you feel and see what things trigger negative reactions. Diets are suggestions and guidelines. Everyone’s body is truly unique and requires different things! Food intolerances and allergies can run in families and for each person show up completely different!

Do doctors get nutrition training?

“Today, most medical schools in the United States teach less than 25 hours of nutrition over four years. The fact that less than 20 percent of medical schools have a single required course in nutrition, it’s a scandal.” May 8, 2017

Doctors who specialize in allergies and intolerances probably take more nutrition courses. Nutrition is as individual as you are because not only is it based on what you are eating, but also your environment and your emotions (especially for women).

LET’S BE HONEST who really wants to limit beautiful delicious food if it’s once in a lifetime!

I am here to help you learn how to cook healthy, use REAL ingredients, and limit your stomach upset. I want to help you discover new ingredients, new techniques and skills, and share information to help you lead a naturally healthier life!



Read more about me and my journey!


A.A.S in Culinary Technology – May 2012

A.A.S in Baking and Pastry Arts – May 2015

Certificate in Entrepreneurship – May 2015

Certificate in Event Management – May 2015

Certificate in Restaurant Management – May 2015

Hospitality and Restaurant Marketing Certification – 2015

ServSafe Certification & ServSafe Proctor Certification – 2016-2021

Master Herbalist Diploma – In Progress


Artsfusion Showcase @ Wake Tech Community College – Spring 2015 ACF Professional Gold Medal

Artsfusion Showcase @ Wake Tech Community College – Fall 2014 Student Gold Medal & Best in show



I have over 10 years experience in kitchens of all types from local businesses with 50 seats to high volume restaurants with 400+ seats to production kitchen for groups of 100 to 1000+. All of these have given me different skills, techniques and knowledge to handle many things that might come up in a kitchen! I use my broad spectrum of knowledge from hands on experience and schooling to come up with a ideas and menus that can help you in any situation.

I feel in love with leadership and what it stands for during my growth into a better chef! It is truly a passion to share what a difference it made for me when I changed from a get it done leader with no feelings to a compassionate leader who took interest in each person’s journey and helped them get on the track they wanted for themselves!

I am beyond excited to share my stories, gifts and talents with you! I am here to make the world a better place one person and one dish at a time! Join me on my journey and learn more about everything I offer! I can’t wait to meet you and connect! Lets create a beautiful community!

Until next time with love and positivity,


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