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Let's talk - Good fats and Bad fats in the pastry world

Hey everyone! I hope you had a great week!

Last week I wrote about artificial food dyes and how they can negatively affect our kids behaviorally as well the fact they are made from things we shouldn't ingest!

So this series is talking on the recent updates I have been making to my products to bring you healthier yet still delicious versions of all the yummy sweet treats we love!

This week we will dive into-


Yummy! Haha the things we are always told to avoid so we don't gain weight. When in actuality its not fats that are all that bad for you. Just as sugar in in of it self isnt bad for you. Certain types of oils are highly processed and made from GMO foods that can be very hard to digest and cause inflammation in the body like canola, soybean and vegetable oils.

WAIT vegetable oil?!!

Yes because it is usually highly refined and processed. If you can look at an oil and its not a rich yummy color then its probably refined. The best way to make sure you are getting good quality oil is to by it cold pressed and virgin!

My main oils are Avocado, EVOO, Olive Oil and Coconut Oil. There are others like nut oils and grapeseed oils but these are by far the most easily found and usually less pricey than others.

Other good sources of fat are beef tallow, bacon grease, duck fat, and Ghee which are all great for cooking purposes but might not be the best for sweet treats


When it comes to baking you usually see fats as Butter, Shortening and Oils. Each play their own role in helping baked goods. Butter is usually my go to because it has the flavor we all know and love! And it is good in nearly all types of ways whether in a cake, brownies, cookies or tarts. Butter is a beautiful natural fat that is most favored.

Shortening & Margarine on the other hand are usually used alongside or in place of butter, usually made from those not so great oils we talked about and has really no flavor at all. Though they have their place in the baking world if you are vegan or just prefer shortening look for better brands that use good oils and not hydrogenated.

Oils are used alongside butter or by itself and are mainly used in order to help maintain more moisture in a product. So while butter is super yummy in cakes, oil helps the cake retain moisture so its not just dry and crumbly.


I am getting away from all the refined and process oils even though they come in a lot cheaper to use, they will cost us in the long run when it comes to our health!

If you have never tried other oils then do your own experiments at home to see what tastes and flavors you like. Its fun to pair the oils with the meals you are preparing. Like Sesame Oil with Asian cuisine or olive oil with Italian or Mediterranean so the natural flavors enhance the meals you make.

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With God's grace and love, until next time




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