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Why it’s hard to bet on you?

I was talking with my partner the other day. While working through ideas for my photo shoot that happened this weekend.

He asked if i was nervous I said yes without hesitation Why? He asked Because it’s on me, you know.

We dont see the pressure. It’s like no matter if I can make a cake in my sleep or he can easily play a match in a game. There is this pressure to perform at our highest level.

It’s a lot!

  1. to want everything to be perfect

  2. to want to do and make the best most beautiful items

  3. To know I have to be ready at X time with all these things

The list goes on and on, right?! And the fear and overwhlem start to take over. What if i just cancel it, or what if i dont do enough? It becomes crippling. I realized with his question that it’s so easy to have a job. You go to somewhere, you do xyz, and you go home. Yes, the stress. Yes, the bosses who might not be perfect. Yes, the commute. YET you rely on them to set the stage, give you tasks, and have money to pay you. It’s a lot of pressure when you stop and look at creating a business based on you. Your effort, experience, and all. See, no matter how skilled you are, if you dont show up, then you won’t be successful.

The biggest indicator of being successful is you actually showing up. Your skills and passion can only take you so far, especially if you dont use them!

Think of it like this – would Michael Jordan or LeBron James be considered the greatest of all time if they had the talents they do but only showed up 50% of the time. Probably not. It’s definitely a lot harder to bet on you because then we dont have anyone else to blame if we dont succeed. We can’t say “oh it was work they never promoted me,” or “My boss didn’t like me,” so i never got to use my talents. We can place the blame outside of ourselves, which gives our power away to external forces. It’s really hard to show up for ourselves! Yet it will be the most rewarding thing we can do. We aren’t alone in this. We just feel like we are. It was one of the biggest lessons I learned on my postpartum journey.

Just like in an airplane, they tell you to put your mask on first before helping others. That’s what we have to do in order to be successful. We need to put effort into us, learn what we are passionate about, take time to check in on how we feel, ask ourselves the hard questions, and ANSWERING them!

So today, with God’s help, I want to show up for me. For my business. For my kids. Thank you, God, for making all things possible and being here when we feel most alone. With love Alexia

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